Why Consign?

Consign with The Glittery Frog Boutique and turn the clothing your children have outgrown, and the toys they no longer play with into extra money!

Consignment Guidelines

**Beginning January 1, 2015 all items in the store will fall under our new consignment guidelines, described below and in our updated consignor agreement.**

Thank you for your interest in consigning with The Glittery Frog Boutique!

Items dropped off will be sorted, tagged, and placed on the sales floor in a timely manner. If you decide not to wait, any items (‘no thank yous’) that we (store management) decide not to tag should be picked up no later than 48 hours after drop off. Items not picked after this time will become property of The Glittery Frog Boutique.

All items will be priced at the discretion of store management and may be subject to sales and discounts. After 60 days unsold items need to be picked up, by you (the consignor). You have 5 days from the end of your 60 day consignment period to reclaim your items. Once the 5 days has passed, you are no longer eligible to reclaim any merchandise and will become property of The Glittery Frog Boutique.

Items removed from the shop, by a consignor, before the consignment period is over will be subject to a fee equal to 10% of the total tagged prices of the items. Any dirty items may be subject to a $5 cleaning fee.

Consignors will receive 40% of sales via check, or 50% of sales via store credit. Payment method must be determined at drop off. Store credit will not be given as cash and can only be used on in-store purchases.

Payments of $25 or more will be processed and mailed by the 5th of each month for items sold during the previous calendar month. Any payments under $25 will continue to accumulate and will be printed when the amount reaches $25. Consignors may view their inventory and balance due at any time online.

By signing the consignment agreement, you (the consignor) agree The Glittery Frog Boutique, and the owner, are not liable for any items damaged as a result of theft, fire, flooding, or any other disaster that is no fault of the store or store management.

Recalled items are not permitted. Consignors are to review recalled items listed on the CPSC website and agree whole heartedly that, to their knowledge, none of their items have been recalled and meets the CPSC standards for children’s products. Consignors also agree that they have checked the CPSC’s Lead Paint Rule to verify that none of the items they are consigning have been added to the lead recall list. Children’s products that contain more lead than 600 ppm are banned in the U.S. after February 10, 2009, and the sale of those products can result in significant civil and criminal liability.

Step One: Make an Appointment

Make an appointment by clicking the button below. Add a description of what you’re bringing under ‘dropping off:’ (ex. girls fall clothing size 10+, toys, and books).

*Please note: Reserved time slots are for current consignors only. Everyone’s time is valuable, so please be considerate to others and delete your name ASAP if you cannot make your appointment.

Make an Appointment

Step Two: Prepare your Items

  • Review the accepted items list. This is very important!!
  • Check the recalled list. Please make sure your items have not been recalled.


  • Clean Clothing Only. We do not accept dirty clothing. Make sure you clothing is clean. No stains, odors, smoke smells, or pet hair. We accept current fashions (nothing over 3 years old).
  • Please hang your clothing on clear or white plastic hangers.
    • No colored or wire hangers please! We cannot accept your items if you do not hang them up.** once you make an appointment, please call ahead and we’ll be happy to give you hangers 919.762.7118.
    • Make sure hangers are size appropriate.
    • Clothing 9 months and under will sell better as a set (matching top and bottom). Please make sure top and bottoms are the same size.
    • For 2 piece outfits: If you have a top with matching bottoms, do not fold bottoms under the top. Make sure bottoms are visible by including  them on a hanger (like the one on the right), or something similar
  • Get those wrinkles out. Appearance makes a BIG difference in price and could make or break a sale. If your items are  too wrinkled, we cannot take them.
  • Maternity should be current trends and seasonally appropriate.
  • Due to space, we are limiting drop-offs to 50 clothing items. You are welcome to sign up for more appointments on different days.


  • Shoes must be seasonally appropriate, in like-new condition and very clean
  • No dirt or stains on shoes or laces, no scratched leather, dented or worn toes
  • Must have a good amount of tread left on the sole and trim should be in good shape


  • Batteries MUST Be Included. Please make sure your toys and other items are in working order and include batteries. It is not lucrative for us to accept toys or baby gear without batteries.
  • Bag all items that go with your toys so that we can keep them together.
  • Items missing vital pieces are not accepted (count those puzzle pieces.)
  • Puzzles sell best if they are in a box
  • No stuffed animals unless they are new or interactive
  • Outdoor play equipment must be clean. Amoral works well! There will be a $5 fee for dirty items.

Baby Gear

  • Baby Equipment should be clean, in good shape, not recalled. You must include batteries or power source if required. No mildew or stains.
  • Breast Pumps are not accepted
  • We do not accept car seats
  • Cribs must be manufactured after June 28, 2011. They are not accepted without documentation


  • Please check your DVDs and games for scratches. Be sure item matches cover.

Step Three: Drop Off

Please drop off your items at the time you indicated above.

*Make sure your items are ready to be tagged when you drop off. Toys and equipment should be put together and in working order. Due to time restraints, we cannot iron and hang clothing for you.

What to expect at drop-off:

Fill out your Consignment Agreement form.

We’ll go through your items and select what we think will sell quickly.

***(Please do not be disappointed if we don’t take everything. It’s possible we may have too many of that particular item, or it might not be in demand at the time). You can have these items back, or we can donate them for you.

What happens next?

We’ll take the selected items, tag each one, then add them to our sales floor. Once payments reach $25, checks will me mailed each month for your items that have sold. Items left after an allotted time will be discounted at our discretion. If you have items remaining after 60 days, you may pick them up from the store or donate them. After 60 days items become the property of the Glittery Frog Boutique.

Step Four: Keep in Touch!

You can keep track of you items on our Consignor Web Portal (contact the shop for your username and password).

Access Consignor Web Portal

*Be sure to join our mailing list online so we can inform you of any discounts or giveaways!

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