The Glittery Frog Boutique

As we maneuver through life we never know exactly what we can expect or will be thrown our way.  Rewind 10 years ago and my life was busy with two little boys that were 150% Boy.  There was nothing girly, calm, or clean about them.  Even at 2 and 4 years old, Parker and Riley always had a fishing pole or baseball bat in their hands and a frog or other slimy creature in their pocket.  This is not a metaphorical statement!  I can’t tell you how many times I saw movement in a pant leg or while putting clothes in the laundry found multiple amphibious friends!  I was in love with my dirt tracking, camo wearing sons, but there was a little missing piece in our family.  In June of 2009 while her Daddy, deployed to Balad, Iraq watched through a webcam, our missing piece found its place!  Madison Grace didn’t make our boys any less boy, but she was definitely born with glitter in her veins and makes our lives sparkle!  As our children grow-up and the boys become amazing young men, we still end up with the occasional frog in the pocket, however Madison has most likely given it a makeover and it has become one…Glittery Frog!

Kristen Farrington

Kristen Farrington


Kristen Farrington is the owner of The Glittery Frog. She has three amazing children who keep life anything but boring.  An Arizona native by birth she has fallen in love with North Carolina and this community. Kristen is constantly creating, dreaming, or imagining something new.  She loves people and hearing their stories, so make sure you stop in to say hello!

As a hard working mother of three, Kristen understands the need for high quality children’s clothing, toys, and gifts at reasonable prices.  She loves to find unique, fun things for her customers and with a love of shopping it is easy to do!

Kristen is also passionate about supporting the surrounding community and non-profit organizations.  Care packages for the troops, Toys-4-Tots, and the local schools are always on her list.